"A Living History Experience of The American Civil War"


Citizens of Arizona,

We would like to invite you to a very special educational opportunity focused on the Civil War that will be unlike anything ever offered in Tucson.

Brought to you by We Make History, the same educational group that produces the annual American Heritage Festival and Liberty Festival, the "Battle of Tucson" is filling an educational void by using creative, inspirational, engaging and highly interactive, living history to present those who fought and sacrificed for liberty and actually brought about the birth of the United States of America. Our family-friendly living history team will portray the "ordinary" people of the 1860s, the soldiers and civilians of both sides of the American Civil War as they were caught up in large events beyond their control. The result is a creative, multi-dimensional program that is exciting, inspirational, thought provoking and suitable for all ages!

Inspirational education is what We Make History is all about.


Among the highlights...

Young Soldiers: The majority of soldiers during the Civil War were young - in their teens and twenties - and our group reflects this fact. You will enjoy interacting with these young people who portray the brave soldiers of the North and South.

Women & Children: Women and children of both sides were caught up in the Civil War. Northern children were concerned about relatives fighting far away while Southern children experienced the war first-hand - often literally in their own yards. You will meet women and school-age children caught up in the experience.

Medical Demonstrations: Learn about medical practices of the 1860s and watch an "amputation"!

Music & Fashion: Musical and fashion presentations will highlight these interesting dimensions of life at the time.

Wooden Musket Drill: Children will get a taste of what it was like to be a new recruit!

Children's Games and Activities: Children may engage in games and activities enjoyed by young people in the 1860s.

Battle Reenactments: Watch the soldiers of the 1st Virginia Infantry and 1st Minnesota Infantry clash in combat using the weapons and tactics of the Civil War.

The Battle of Tucson, Civil War Living History reenactment event will be held at the property of Green Fields Country Day School at 6000 N. Camino de la Tierra in Tucson. This Battle of Tucson Civil War reenactment will be open to the public on Saturday, February 6th from 11AM-3:30PM. (Friday, February 5th is for pre-registered school groups of 20 or more only.) You are welcome to arrive and leave at any time during those hours. A detailed schedule for our public day on Saturday is below.

This inspirational event will be a multi-dimensional immersion experience for all ages into the era of the American Civil War as together we experience history circa 1861 through military encampments and training, live period music, fashion shows, medical displays, civilian demonstrations, children's games and activities, battle reenactments, training with wooden muskets and meeting everyday Americans of the 1860s.

Friday, February 5th - Open exclusively to pre-registered school groups of 20 or more from 9:00AM-12:30PM. Space is limited.

Saturday, February 6th - Open to all from 11:00AM-3:30PM. Passes may be purchased on site. Please see a schedule below.

Each Day: Enjoy, learn and be inspired by Battle reenactments, Historic Fashion Shows, Medical Demos, 19th Century Music, Learning Military Drill and interacting with the soldiers and civilians of circa 1861! All activities are family-friendly and educational for all ages. Passes are $12 each at the gate though ages three and under are FREE and do not need a pass. Pop, Bottled Water, Snacks and Souvenirs will be available for purchase on site. :o)

Schedule for Saturday, February 6th, 2016
Adjustments are possible.
11:00  Open to Public
11:30  Fashion Presentation at Fashion Tent
12:00  Medical Demo at Medical Tent

12:30  Ladies' Militia
1:30  Battle*
2:00  Fashion Presentation at Fashion Tent
2:30  Medical Demo at Medical Tent
3:00  Battle*
3:30  Close

Ongoing Throughout the Day:
Between Scheduled Events please enjoy interacting with our many living historians who will be demonstrating crafts, activities, clothing, weapons and equipment of the Civil War era. Activities include Wooden Musket Drill in Military Camps, Writing & Games at School Display, Historic Music, Interacting with Persons from 1861!

*For Battles, please clear the field and be seated along the sidelines on the east or west side of the battlefield.

More Details regarding our Saturday Event may be found at this page.


To Attend, Learn & Enjoy:

Please send a note marked "Battle of Tucson" with the number of Saturday passes requested and your email address along with a check made out to We Make History for $12 per pass and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

We Make History

P.O. Box 1776

Queen Creek, AZ 85142

(Children ages 3 and under are free and do not need passes.)

We will mail you your passes. We will also email you detailed info including an event map, schedule and parking instructions. A questionnaire/study guide for children is available to ticket holders in advance and upon request. This is a "rain or shine" event. We do not offer refunds.

You may also obtain passes by using the PayPal link below but a small additional charge applies.


Thank you.

Your friends at




More Details regarding our Saturday Event may be found at this page.

If you are a teacher needing more information please contact us here and let us know the school you teach at and the grade level.

If you are a homeschooler needing more information please contact us here.

If you are simply a person interested in attending and needing more information please contact us here.

If you are interested in being trained to be a Civil War reenactor - Email Us Here.

For all other inquiries please - Email Us Here.

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Bottled water and pop will be available at reasonable prices. Though February is generally a cool month, sunscreen is still recommended.

Non-commercial photography is welcome.

The "Battle of Tucson" is a rain or shine event. We do not offer refunds.

This is a Civil War reenactment event. Please behave safely, obey rules and instructions and stay within event bounds. Those attending are responsible for their own persons and property.

Email with questions